About Us

About Us

My wife Marie and I moved from the Big Island of Hawaii, to Austin, Texas, 8 years ago. I was in restaurant management; it was time for me to do something not so physical.

I decided to do something creative, and went to ACC College to learn about metal art and silversmithing. After a few semesters, I won 1st prize at the 2005 annual art competition in jewelry. I met Crystal Ouzillou, a fused glass artist, learned and worked with her; I was hooked forever with the concept of fused glass as a jewelry medium.

Marie, who is a MRI technician, loves to take my pendants, then helps in the design process of the necklaces, and assists in doing shows in Texas. I also now work with Petrified Wood found in Texas.

The DREAM was there and now I have my own studio. Every piece of jewelry is one of a kind using all mediums possible to strike your eyes and hearts

Dream to Love - Love to Dream